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Mezzanine Floor for Bloc Climbing in Bristol

Posted 26 June 2014
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This project was a first for us, mainly because we installed a mezzanine floor in a premises that was going to be used as a climbing centre but also because of the bespoke handrail system we designed.

We were passed on the details of Bloc Climbing by one of our previous customers as they were interested in a mezzanine floor for their premises is Bristol. After contacting the team at Bloc Climbing, we arranged a day for a site meeting where we could discuss everything they wanted as they had some special requirements that would complete the project.

Who are Bloc Climbing?

Bloc Climbing are ‘Bristol’s biggest bouldering centre’ or climbing centre to those who don’t know what bouldering is.

Mezzanine Floor

We installed a 67.7m2 mezzanine floor which measured 8,855mm long x 7,435mm wide with a finished floor height of 3,200mm, this would give a clear underside height of 2,800mm. The loading of this structure was calculated at 3.5kN per metre square and as with all our mezzanine floor projects we decked it with 38mm Streboard ‘C’ P6 heavy duty particle board.

The staircase we installed was an all steel construction single flight staircase which was one metre wide with 4.5mm thick chequer plate treads, this was Part K compliant to comply with building regulations. For the fire rating we installed 13 galvanised column clads to all the mezzanine uprights to achieve 1 hour fire protection, the underside of the mezzanine was being plastered by another contractor. Bloc Climbing asked for a specific black finish to the mezzanine floor structure and staircase, so it was finished in RAL7016.

image of Mezzanine floor for Bloc Climbing in Bristol   image of Mezzanine floor for Bloc Climbing in Bristol   image of Mezzanine floor for Bloc Climbing in Bristol

Bespoke Handrail System

This was the tricky bit, Bloc wanted a handrail system that would fit in with the nature of the business. So instead of our standard grey tube and ball hand rail we came up with a new design specifically for this project.

We installed galvanised tube with fixings and tube clamps to create a handrail system that not only worked for Bloc but also fitted in perfectly with the environment. As the public would be going up onto the mezzanine floor we had to come up with most cost effective solution that would match Bloc Climbing’s requirements but also comply with building regulations, so with this in mind we proposed 5mm thick tension wires to be installed between the uprights. At the end of each run would be eyebolts and clamps to create the tension required for health and safety. As you can see from the pictures it looks brilliant!

image of Mezzanine floor for Bloc Climbing in Bristol   image of Mezzanine floor for Bloc Climbing in Bristol​   image of Mezzanine floor for Bloc Climbing in Bristol

The guys at Peter Evans Storage Systems were brilliant, they have created exactly what we wanted. We asked them to design a handrail system that would fit in with our business environment and they did that with flying colours, the whole project looks great!

If we have any future plans we will definitely be in touch again, thank you!
Simon, Bloc Climbing

This project was designed and manufactured in 2 weeks and then installed by our installers in 4 working days.

Do you want a mezzanine floor but have special requirements that you would like designed? Contact us today and one of our team will be happy to help you.


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