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Mobile Shelving

Manufactured and designed to maximise your floor space and increase your storage capacity, Mobile shelving systems have become one of the most essential storage systems for office archiving, libraries, medical records filing, file storage, museums and retail stockroom storage, especially where there isn’t a lot floor space available. Depending upon the application, mobile shelving units can provide up to twice as much capacity in any given warehouse, office, or stockroom.

Mobile shelving units only require one aisle to access any part of the storage area so they let you use all of your available space for storage. When you require access to a particular item the mobile shelving simply moves along its floor tracks to create an aisle as necessary.

High density mobile shelving systems are movable via the use of rotating handles, electric motors or simply by hand depending upon each client's requirements. We offer a wide range of finishes to match or co-ordinate with each individual environment.

Your space is used for storage rather than access, allowing you to gain 100% more storage from the same area compared to conventional shelving and storage solutions. This system could not only save you money, it can also free up valuable floor space for either more storage capacity or personnel space

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