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Stormor Shelving

An extremely versatile and fully adjustable shelving system, Stormor shelving is suitable for storage needs from the commercial to the workshop environment.

A major advantage of Stormor shelving is the slim profile shelves and frames that give runs of shelving a neat, co-ordinated appearance. This design feature, coupled with its range of sizes, upright colour options and comprehensive range of accessories makes Stormor ideal for use in any environment, where the slim profiles minimise wasted linear space and optimise use of the storage area.

Stormor Shelving comes in 3 different styles, Stormor Mono, Stormor Solo and Stormor Duo which can be personalised to each individual requirement by adding accessories to the design like bin fronts, garment rails, shelf dividers and pull-out drawers.

This practical and highly functional shelving system is ideal for use in stockrooms, storerooms and cupboards for storing small parts, garments and stock or for use in offices, receptions and archive rooms for storing live documents, lever arch files and long term archives.

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